RV Storage Tips


Summer vacation is over, and now you need to find a place to store your recreational vehicle (RV) for the rest of the year. The best storage solution may mean an investment of time, money and long-term maintenance care. You need to find a storage facility that can handle your requirements for access and safety.

What fits your storage needs? (Indoor or Outdoor?)

An outdoor storage facility is less expensive than an indoor facility, but storing your RV outdoors also means it will be exposed to the elements. Ultraviolet sunlight, hail, heavy winds and rain could cause it significant damage. Indoor units provide a roof over the RV. Take a look at the cost differences to determine if the cost of insurance and maintenance for an outdoor facility warrants paying the additional storage fees for an indoor facility. At South Town Storage you can store your RV inside, we have storage units as large as 15 feet by 48 feet and 16 feet tall with large garage doors. Take care of your investment, don’t just park it anywhere. I am surprised when I drive around Idaho Falls how many people, who have invested $15,000, $50,000, or even $100,000 or more in an RV will park them out in a muddy, mouse infested field. Come take a look at what South Town Storage has to offer.

Examine our location

We have easy access into the property off South Yellowstone Highway and enough space for parking your car and driving in and out of the storage unit. We have surveillance cameras, key pad entry and a side gate to accommodate larger RVs. You control when and where the RV is parked and keep your keys to the storage unit and your RV. Many RV storage units share space with others, this requires them to move your RV when someone else wants to move in or out. We believe in independent storage, its like having your own private exclusive garage! Come see for yourself how spacious and economical our units are for your RV at South Town Storage.

Check your insurance policy

Did you know that most policies do not have coverage for RV storage? You’ll need to provide insurance information for the rental agreement. If your policy doesn’t cover your RV in storage, you’ll need to update your coverage.


At South Town Storage we have a fenced perimeter, surveillance cameras and key pad entry gate control. Plus we have on site management 24/7.


** Remember to turn everything off before storing your RV or Boat. **